Paint in small containers

Dear B&Q,

Why do you not provide Dulux paint in small containers? Yesterday I wanted to buy two colours, only needed a litre of each, but ended up with 7.5 litres of paint (making use of the 3 for 2) costing me nearly £40!! And it was pretty difficult to cycle home with. It turns out one of the colours is the wrong shade of beige and now I'm stuck with pointless expensive litres of the stuff. Is this new scheme to encourage bigger purchases and more wastage?

I'd have hoped that B&Q would be sensitive to the environment and try to follow the Reduce, Reuse Recycle mantra - of which Reduce is the first and most important. I had been impressed by the Cambridge store (my 'local') which uses natural light and so doesn't turn all the lights on during the day time.

Yours Sincerely,
Nick Bailey

Picasa's new filters

The crab apple (?) tree in our grounds has been looking splendid. Here are a couple of photos trying out the new Picasa filters.



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March Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter with the Moon

From the top: Moon, Venus then Jupiter near the treeline

On the right you can see Orian, and I think you can make out the Pliades near Venus
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I'm not a robot, right, but I still can't bloody read what that scramble of wibbly letters is.

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