BBC Advertising - Ahh!

So now I see. As I am now outside the UK I have to suffer the BBC with advertising. They have adverts that those of you in the UK won't be able to see as you pay your licence fee (you do now, don't you?) and so that 'entitles' you to watch the BBC advert-free.

This FAQ explains it.

BBC's Own No Advertising Policy

For your information.

Adverts on the BBC - link.

The BBC is Dead. Long Live the BBC

That is it, the BBC as it was is finished. No longer is it the unique broadcasting service which is paid directly by us, the viewers. Oh no. Now it is run on advertising.

This morning, sitting in my youth hostel in Seoul, Korea, I logged onto the BBC and saw a link to a new Hydrogen Powered Car. I clicked the link and found the video clip. Then to my horror below the video window I saw a little box with a link to Facebook in it, and the ghastly words ADVERTISEMENT emblazoned above it.

Then to my further shock and horror as the video played (without sound as I had it in mute) I became aware that I was not watching a film about a hydrogen car at all but rather an advert about a new Nokia phone.

I guess this was bound to happen. Advertising is the new currency as Google has shown, but I surley wasn't ready to see it on the beeb.

BBC RIP 16 July 2008


Do we get to stop paying the licence fee now?

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